Detection and Decontamination Services

Surface and Air microbe detection.

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6th generation drones equipped with Sensors.

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2ond generation Robots.

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Arrays of Cantilevers.

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About our Combination Technologies

Data-mining, high definition facial microbe recognition and immediate results


Bacteria, Mold, Allergens, Viruses, and Pathogens

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One size does not fit all with "decontamination of pathogenic microbes",
Wouldn't You desire "all" pathogens eliminated

Present competition using very little technology, is using one or two applications that attempt to decontaminate and eliminate all disease causing microbes. .

These pathogenic threats when misdiagnosed cause disease and may lead to death in humans, plants and animals. At best, decontamination businesses are guessing at what the real problem is. We see a different more exact approach that will complete the job with 100% accuracy, eliminating the guesswork. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence “AI”.

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