Machine Learning - Pathogen Clusters

AirBorne Pathogen Clusters.

Our machine learning datamining algorithms have begun to learn about airborne clusters of matter. Microbes hitch rides on dust particles and other floating matter in the air. The Artificial Intelligence platforms are starting to learn where airborne particles have come from. For instance, certain industrial complexes “rug factories” produce certain types of fibers. Those fibers attach themselves to other clusters of matter and microbes floating in the air. They can travel large distances in the air and on surfaces. In certain locations, we offer an initial scan for free (under 5,000 square feet). Our Invention should promote the relationship between people and technology, showcasing a healthier lifestyle and environment can be obtained. For a fee, our company will pinpoint the pathogenic microbe and eliminate that threat. Then the job goes off to the drones and robots to decontaminate the residential, corporate or industrial structure. Machine Learning algorithms learn from each scan thereby reducing costs so more people and entities in the future can afford our service