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Pathogen Detection and Decontamination using Artificial Intelligence

The one size fits all decontamination application is antiquated. Present competition using very little technology, is using one or two applications that attempt to decontaminate and eliminate all disease causing microbes. These pathogenic threats when misdiagnosed cause disease and may lead to death in humans, plants and animals. At best, decontamination businesses are guessing at what the real problem is. We see a different more exact approach that will complete the job with 100% accuracy, eliminating the guesswork. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence “AI”.

Cantilevers are small nanotechnology weighing machines that act like a diving board at a pool-affixed at one end and bends at the other with load. Our cantilevers can weigh microbes in femtograms (10 to the minus 15) and detect some of the smallest microbes and viruses such as Covid19, influenza, E.coli, anthrax and ricin. CantiDrones (drones imbedded with cantilevers) and CantiBots (robots imbedded with cantilevers) in combination with sensors and cameras, form a machine learning platform that utilizes Exascale computing detection.

Our cantilevers detect microbes (pathogens/mold/bacteria/viruses/allergens) that are present in the air and on surfaces that utilize proprietary sensors that use AI datamining to learn all about our surroundings and the microbes that are present. After detection, microbe facial recognition algorithms using high definition pictures (and stereoscopic video) confirm our results gathered from the CantiDrones and CantiBots with 100% accuracy. In order for our CantiDrones to datamine with high definition pictures and video, we are able to have our drones attach themselves to walls and ceilings for steady picture taking. The AI platform also learns where and how to attach and detach to different forms of rafters and lighting.